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To the artisan among us

tracey - March 6, 2016 - 0 comments

To me, creating something from nothing is one of life’s precious gifts. Whether you’re building a boat or turning a bowl, putting something on the earth that wasn’t there before, is a little bit of magic.

From the potter sitting at a their wheel with their ribs and scrapers to the illustrator etching furiously on to their paper. From a mother of two knitting wintery woollens to a boy growing herbs to make body balm for a school project. From a barista by day making terrariums by night to a woman writing a soliloquy to read at her best friends wedding. Whether we’re conscious of it or not, we all create a little something from nothing; we all are, in some part, artisans.

Those that know me well are aware of my obsession with vintage ceramics. These precious vessels have made their way to me through loved ones or my constant, roving eye in vintage stores about the world. I am fascinated by each piece, where it comes from and whose hands crafted them. Whether they were a one-off, made in a home studio in a back garden or part of a series imagined by one then crafted by another, I am intrigued and inspired by this artistry.

I feel the same intrigue and inspiration when I see such artfulness around me in my everyday. I have a friend who after a forced sabbatical from his day job mastered the art of bread making so much so that he now makes brioche worthy of markets in the South of France.   Another friend, a fabulous mother of three bustling boys, traded TV for knitting needles and mastered her art so well she can literally knit her own socks. And a glorious woman I’ve known since high school making the mundane, magical, from the way she sets up picnic food for hungry after-schoolers to her reinvention of the basic wooden shelf – everything she touches turns to art.  And my long distance sister-from-another-mister, after taking classes, discovered an inherent talent for floral art.   Her creations so beautiful that I eagerly await a weekly photomontage of her latest creations.

Perhaps you do it for a job, perhaps you do it for love or perhaps you just do it unaware. Whichever way you do, here’s to you. Because, the things we make from nothing, become a whole lot of something and there’s much to be said about that.

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