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Preserving a lost art

tracey - May 5, 2015 - 0 comments

In the world of the electronic chattosphere, sitting down and putting pen to paper seems to be a thing of the past. A simple text or sweet one-paragraph email will suffice, and it usually does, after all, we are all busy people. However, there is a certain magic that happens when we arrive home to find a hand written letter addressed to us, and an incredibly delightful feeling to be the creator of that magic. So why is it that we don’t steal more moments to send our ramblings par avion?

Do you, like me, have a box of old letters that you dust off and read in a flash of nostalgia or introspection? Is that box of memories a glorious reminder of where you were and how far you’ve come? Or perhaps it holds bittersweet reminders of a time, a place or a person that you never want to forget?

There are many famous letters written that preserve history and give insight in to a past that would have otherwise been forgotten. And how wonderful is that. A collection like “Letters of Note” is a perfect example of the power of the written word and it’s storytellers.

This book is an eclectic feast of over 100 letters offering a refreshing glimpse in to the psyche of presidents, politicians, lovers, musicians, writers, Kings and Queens.

Australian writers, Marieke Hardy and Michaela McGuire truly celebrate the lost art of letter writing through their ‘Women of Letters’ events. This is a monthly event bringing together some of the best and brightest writers, musicians, politicians and comedians to read original writing onstage. What follows are some hilarious, inspirational and heart-warming moments to be a part of.

So, in the interest of preservation, let’s write a letter to one of our closest friends or loved ones. Tell them we adore them, tell them we miss them or just tell them a little bit about our week. I’m positive that from this age-old and loving exchange you will both have a moment together, to write, to receive and preserve. Who knows, one day someone may discover these precious letters and be enlightened, inspired and fulfilled by what they find.

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