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Whether it’s through words, pictures or experiences, we believe it’s the strongest way to communicate. Aesthetics is a set of principles concerned with the nature and appreciation of beauty and by taking an aesthetic approach to our client’s brand or business, we help position them as more unique, authentic and emotive.

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Hazel & Woods is all about creating connections.  We love to pull an out-of-the-box plan together and make things that have never existed before.  Let’s connect and talk about your business.

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    Branding & aesthetics

    We get to the heart of your brand through a series of workshops - we start at the beginning and get to know you and your business. We uncover your brand essence then weave your story and assets from there. It's a beautiful dance.

    Digital Marketing

    We are thinkers and doers. We believe in the power of digital and the ability to serve up engaging experiences. We are experts in engaging audiences and converting those clicks to customers.

    Social Media Marketing

    Engaging social media is our superpower. We take the load off you and manage it all - from strategy to content to scheduling.

    Content Development

    We help brands tell their story across a range of platforms with engaging content. Using a tested hub planning method adopted by agencies around the world, we develop strategy and creative that helps you truly stand out.

    Website design

    We make beautiful, accessible and lead generating digital windows to the world.

    Creating beautiful
    branded assets

    Whether it’s for an individual campaign or a year-long project, we will create a social, content and marketing strategy that delivers the right messages in the right places. There’s no need for time-wasting random acts of content and wasted marketing dollars when you have a strategy and a clear road map.

    We create attractive digital footprints that customers can’t wait to engage with. Our extensive toolkit is extremely powerful in a digital world that continues to serve up epic change.

    Stand out in a
    busy marketplace

    Our passion for unique aesthetics brings our clients the capability to connect authentically with their audiences in a way that delivers impressive ROI. We understand what’s required to stand out in a busy marketplace, to get the kind of engagement that sells and to communicate your brand on an emotive level.

    Our combination of creative digital marketing and passion for branding and aesthetics means we work to create deep connections between a brand and its audience.

    Developing connections and a strong digital footprint.

    Authentic connection through
    aesthetics & design

    Our work springs from an appreciation of beauty, on an authentic and emotive level. We create attractive digital footprints that customers can’t wait to engage with. Our extensive toolkit is extremely powerful in this digital world.

    Users stop interacting with a website if the layout is unattractive. 0%

    Consumers say “authenticity of content” is the most influential factor in their decision to follow a brand 0%


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    Building your social

    Find the perfect social media aesthetics.  As your Social Media partner, we bring you the latest social trends, strategy, and directives.  It means you don’t have to worry about the time, ideas and resources needed to ensure you are running consistent and on-brand social activity. 

    Full Service Social Media Management

    Beautiful and engaging social feeds is one of our superpowers.

    Developing beautiful social feeds, engaging your audience and building their connection with you is one of our superpowers.  We work to build unique, fresh and enticing social channels, building your brand and telling your story while always having a keen eye on ROI.

    Find your lane.

    Find the perfect plan for
    your business

    Do Social

    We offer full-service social media plans.


    Monthly Plans

    Tailored monthly solutions to run and grow your social channels. We build a plan based on your needs and make it all happen. We make content too.

    Get Started

    Do Brand

    Get setup right and in to the digital world.



    We can develop your essence, logo, tag, and digital assets (including a website). We start with you and evolve with you, tailoring packages for a monthly fee so you can get started now and grow your business immediately.

    Get Started

    Do Design

    Graphics and asset design plans


    Monthly Plans

    Tailor your package to include social tiles, email design, electronic, signatures, infographics, brochures or one-off unique projects. We get to know your brand inside and out.

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    We have some fabulous clients

    Our clients are super varied and that’s just how we love it. One thing they all have in common is forward thinking and a desire to be unique.  We get that.

    Create two-way conversations

    Interactive is the King

    Interactive content creates a two-way dialogue that connects your audience with your brand. The result is an engaging
    user experience that resonates with your prospects, attracts them, and keeps them with you for longer.

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    “The term ‘aesthetic’ has come to be used to designate, among other things, a kind of object, a kind of judgment, a kind of attitude, a kind of experience, and a kind of value.”
    – Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy